Supported Missions

Foriegn Missions:

  • Rick & Sheila Ackerman, missionaries to Bolivia
  • Jay Armstead, missonaries to Isreal
  • Kevin Beier, missonary to Australia
  • Clint Burden, missonary to Indonesia
  • Duane Cleghorn, undisclosed
  • Timothy Cleghorn, undisclosed
  • James Dean, undisclosed
  • James Denman, Gospel Radio Latin America
  • Yanie & Modie Genonangan, missionaries to Philippines
  • Sarah Glover, missonary to Papa New Guinea
  • Kent Gossmeyer Family, missionaries to England
  • Alan & Christine Hawthorne, missionaries to Indonesia
  • Mark & Christi Helzerman, missionaries to Papua New Guinea
  • Jonathan Hernandez, missonary to Amazon Basin
  • Ian Jamieson, missonary to United Kingdon
  • Chris Knudson, undisclosed
  • Srithone Kongkaw, missonary to Thialand
  • Jeff & Theresa Lange, missionaries to Liberia
  • Johnny & Torie Leslie, missionaries to Croatia
  • Steve & Ruthie Miller, missionaries to Mexico
  • Wil Muldoon, missonary to Papa New Guinea
  • Wangrai Ngonamai, missonary to India
  • Doug Nispel, missonary to Romania
  • Jason Ottosen, missonary to Papa New Guinea
  • Matthew Patenaude, translation work
  • Stetson Planck, missonary to Italy
  • Becky Pope, medical missons outreach
  • James & Cheryl Pridgen, missionaries to Uganda
  • John Rettig, missonary to Czech Republic
  • Rufus Saripalli, missionaries to India
  • Tom Sloan, missonary to Mexico
  • Dewayne Wheeler, missonary to India

Domestic Missions:

Baptist Bible Translators Institute (BBTI) of Bowie, Texas:

  • BBTI
  • Rex & Mary Cobb
  • Daniel O’Conner
  • Steve & Margaret Schnell